Hi, this is MRDIMPLEJOONSELLS! I'm here as an Australia representative for CST. All orders for Australian customers from CST website will be processed through mrdimplejoonsells. Please find the information below.



Ordering steps:
1. Please check CST's website: for available goods and price as reference. The prices in the website are in USD. Please ask for price is AUD
- If you pay by paypal, you can send in USD
- If you pay by bank transfer or beem please use AUD

2. Fill this form with the goods and prices you are interested in.

3. This form will be payment for the goods only. Payment can be done via bank transfer or beem (AU$. Make sure that you screenshot the proof. Payment without proof will be forgo.

4. Submit the form.

5. Orders will be submitted to supplier EVERY DAY, if you are not getting any messages from mrdimplejoonsells, means the items have been ordered and secured. Order status will be updated once a week EVERY SUNDAY.

6. Orders will be combined and send off once every 2-4 weeks by fedex.
6a. International shipping fee for 1 pc: 1.5AUD
6b. Any cards bigger than normal pc size: 4AUD
6c. Albums and posters: will be calculated once the items are here by weight

7. 2ND Payment for international and domestic fee (if you opted to get the item to be delivered by AusPost).

8. Updates will be posted on @mrdimplejoonsells instagram.

9. Please do email me if you need more information to [email protected]

10. Melbourne customers will have option to meet up. Time and place will be announced later on.

11. All orders will approximately arrive within 10 days after Fedex provides tracking. Due to Covid-19 situation, please expect delays.

12. Please check "ORDER STATUS" at to see the status of your item(s)


Hi, this is MRDIMPLEJOONSELLS! I'm here as the Australia representative for . For all Australian CST customers, due to high fedex fee they have decided to discontinue direct shipping to Australian CST customers. Mrdimplejoonsells will manage all Australian orders. All orders received will be purchased, received and dispatched by mrdimplejoonsells based in Melbourne.

If you have any inquiries regarding Australian group order, you can contact me by email
💌 [email protected] or
check my carrd website